Ball Valves

Cimberio offers a wide range of full port ball valves suitable for controlling non-aggresive fluids and gases for a variety of applications including residential and commercial plumbing, industrial applications, agricultural systems, waterworks, saturated steam or high temperature hot water services, and condensate lines. Features include:

A complete line of ball valves with press connections is available in the CimPRESS™ line.


Cim 220.1
Full Port Ball Valve
Press x Press
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Cim 200MC.1
With Dual Side Drain Taps
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Cim 46#.1
CimKIT™ Tankless
Water Heater Valve Set
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Cim 820.1
CimPUSH™ Push to
Connect Copper, PEX, CPVC
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Cim 51#.1
Standard Metal Stem Extension
For Heavy Pattern Ball Valves
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