SmartCIM is an integrated system, one in the world, dedicated to remote monitoring and regulation of thermal plants, it is able to cut down managing costs of the building by optimizing the plant's performance and reducing the harmful emissions that are released into the atmosphere without having to do intrusive work on the existing infrastructure.

Cimberio Expands HVAC Offerings with CimCLIMA

To meet the growing demand for energy-efficient, "green" systems, Cimberio Valve is introducing a number of new valves and kits to the market under the CimCLIMA banner. All of these products are designed to increase an HVAC system’s efficiency, reducing energy consumption, lowering operating costs, and making the building greener. The first part of this release will be Kits for Fan Coil Hook-Ups that are designed to provide a quality solution to a number of different systems, from basic to balanced to automated. This will be followed by an expanded and improved selection of Balancing Valves, including a new Actuated Balancing Valve.